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Independent Compliance Officer in accordance with the Mexican Retirement Plan System Financial Provisions (CUFSAR)

According to CUFSAR, the Independent Compliance Officer shall verify:


That the costs and expenses incurred by the Structured Security correspond to those necessary for its operation ("Expense Supervision");


That the Structured Security complies with applicable regulations ("Regulatory Compliance Supervision"); and


The compliance of the Structured Security with the Manager's internal guidelines and manuals (Supervision of Internal Regulations").

The Compliance Officer shall issue quarterly and annual reports on the activities carried out, and if applicable, the observations, considerations and conclusions of its review, which shall include the concepts and sections mentioned above.

The scope of services could include adjustments, nuances and/or additional services at the request of the corresponding Investors Meeting and/or the Manager of the Structured Security.

Currently, CHM serves as Independent Compliance Officer in public and private instruments, being the leading company in providing this service in terms of CUFSAR.

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