“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”

Albert Einstein


CHM Compliance is a leading consulting firm in Mexico recognized for its expertise and sophistication in Anti-Corruption and Compliance practices.

Our mission:

“We promote a culture of compliance through specialized services of the highest quality for our clients.”

  • That contemplate the national and international regulatory framework.
  • That integrate the best practices and standards in the matter.
  • Executed with our own methodologies, developed to meet the needs of the sectors we serve.
  • Through a specialized and interdisciplinary team.

Our vision:

“To be a national and international benchmark in the compliance services market, strengthening the culture of legality and promoting trust in institutions and our clients.”

Our values:

Objectivity: It allows us to identify what is real and existing, and thereby act impartially.

Respect: It allows us to recognize, accept, appreciate and value the qualities of our clients and counterparts as well as their rights.

Integrity: It leads us to do the right thing in the various situations that arise.

Teamwork: We join forces and capabilities towards a common goal efficiently.

Commitment: We are passionate about our work and from there we do our best to provide quality services to our clients.